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The American Antitrust Institute (AAI) filed an amicus brief with a group of law professors urging the Supreme Court to grant certiorari and reverse a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals decision that sharply restricts the patent exhaustion doctrine.

The American Antitrust Institute’s 17th Annual Conference "Living with Market Concentration? New Perspectives on Merger Policy" will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2016.    The plenary panels and breakout sessions will focus on merger enforcement against a backdrop made more complex by the wave of recent consolidation, growing evidence on the effects of previous consolidation, and challenges posed by merger remedies.

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the American Antitrust Institute (AAI) today outlined the competitive concerns raised by the proposed merger of beer giant AB InBev and rival SABMiller. The letter makes the case for why a remedy -- if the DOJ does not move to block the merger -- should not only restore competition but also enhance consumer welfare.

Experts from law, economics, and the business schools will convene on June 15 for the AAI’s 2016 Invitational Symposium, Non-price Effects And Mergers: A Multidisciplinary Perspective.  The symposium will examine the increasing importance of and emphasis on non-price dimensions of competition in merger analysis. This includes the effects of a merger on competition involving product quality, variety, service, and innovation.

The antitrust community has unfortunately said goodbye recently to three of its stalwarts. All three were good friends of the American Antitrust Institute whom we remember with much fondness.