Past Events

Jun 202005

One perspective for understanding competition that has garnered increased attention by those in antitrust is the field of science known as “complexity science.” Incorporating insights and relying on metaphors from population ecology, evolutionary biology, systems theory, chaos and the study of networks, the science of complexity attempts to describe and explain how systems and their occupants, including industries and firms, evolve and compete against one another over time through adaptation, co-evolution and other dynamic processes.

Jun 222004

S. Robson Walton, Chairman of Wal-Mart Stores, will address the antitrust community’s hottest issue  - the power of mega-buyers and their impact on the marketplace - at this year’s conference of the American Antitrust Institute scheduled for  Tuesday, June 22 at the National Press Club.  Antitrust theory has traditionally focused on the power of sellers, but with the emergence of companies such as Walton’s Wal-Mart, buyer power has become the focus of the antitrust community in recent years.

Jun 212004

Under the influence of the Chicago School of neoclassical antitrust economics, for the past generation, U.S.

Jan 212004

Summary by Diana Moss (AAI)

Presentation by David Cook (North American Electric Reliability Council)

Jun 232003

The American Antitrust Institute and the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing hosted a roundtable discussion on antitrust and category captains at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. A summary of the event is available here.

Jun 192003

In 2003, the AAI conference, “Antitrust and Access,” raised transparency issues to a new height. “The godfather of dereguation,” Alfred E.

Jan 232003

The 3rd Annual AAI Electricity Restructuring Roundtable revealed increasing need to plan for long-term transition, with unique mixture of competition and regulation.

Jun 202002

The 2002 annual conference, “Stretching the Envelope,” explored (1) what is taught in busness schools about the nature of competition, and how it can be used to enhance antitrust analysis and (2) t

Dec 112001

Summary of Workshop Proceedings

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