Stephen Calkins

Professor of Law

Stephen Calkins is Professor of Law at Wayne State University, currently on leave to serve as a Member of the Competition Authority of Ireland and Director of its Mergers Division.  He is an adjunct professor at UCD Sutherland School of Law.  For 2008-2011 Calkins served as Wayne State's Associate Vice President for Academic Personnel, while continuing to teach at the Law School on a limited basis.

During 1995-97, Professor Calkins served as General Counsel of the Federal Trade Commission, a position to which he was nominated by FTC Chairman Robert Pitofsky.  At Wayne Law, Professor Calkins formerly taught courses and seminars that drew on this experience - antitrust and trade regulation, and consumer law - plus torts and occasionally corporations.  He has taught at the universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Utrecht (The Netherlands), and served as Wayne State's interim dean.

Professor Calkins is much in demand as a speaker, annually delivering many presentations on competition and consumer law and policy to governmental, professional and academic audiences across the United States and overseas.  Before becoming a government official, he regularly consulted with federal, state and foreign governmental agencies, and has testified before Congress and federal and state agencies. He is a prolific author with articles in leading academic and specialty journals. His books include Antitrust Law: Policy and Practice (4th ed. 2008) (with C. Paul Rogers III, Mark R. Patterson, and William R. Andersen), Antitrust Law and Economics in a Nutshell (5th ed. 2004) (with Ernest Gellhorn & William Kovacic), and, as a co-editor, ABA Antitrust Section, Consumer Protection Law Developments (2009).

Professor Calkins participates in a wide range of professional activities.  He is a Life Member of the American Law Institute and a member of the advisory boards of the American Antitrust Institute, the Sedona Conference and the National State Attorneys General Program Advisory Project at Columbia Law School.  For the American Bar Association, he has served on the Councils of the Sections of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice and the Section of Antitrust Law (two three-year terms).  He is a former chair of the Association of American Law School's Antitrust and Economic Regulation Committee.

At the university, Professor Calkins has served three terms on the Academic Senate's Policy Committee (its executive committee).  He served as the Senate's Parliamentarian from 2000-2007. Previously, he served on various university committees, including the Review Advisory Panel for Economics and the university Promotion and Tenure Committee.  At the Law School, he has served multiple terms on the promotion and tenure committee, budget committee, curriculum committee and faculty appointments committee.  He was an elected member of the 2003-04 Strategic Plan Implementation Committee.  Previously, he chaired the ad hoc committee on US News and the task force on student recruitment.

He holds degrees from Yale (B.A.) and Harvard (J.D.).  He is the recipient of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law Fiftieth Anniversary Publications Award, the Federal Trade Commission Award for Distinguished Service, and the Donald H. Gordon Award for Excellence in Teaching.