Working Papers Series Guidelines

The AAI Working Paper Series (WPS) is a free, easily-accessible, and researchable (by author, title, keyword, or any word in the paper) internet-based archive on the AAI website ( The series contains scholarly papers encompassing all aspects of antitrust, including the legal, economic, finance, management, and institutional analysis and perspective that makes antitrust policy a unique field of study. The WPS provides quick dissemination to the antitrust community of high-quality analysis and commentary on timely issues and offers the potential for authors to obtain feedback useful to ultimate publication that will advance the field of study in antitrust.

Submission Eligibility:
Submissions to the WPS are accepted from AAI Advisory Board members, AAI Fellows, and occasional Invitees. If you are interested in making a submission, send an e-mail to:

A submission for the WPS is screened anonymously by at least one officer or Advisory Board member with interest and experience in the submission’s subject area. Case briefs will not be accepted.

Eligibility is based on two major criteria:
1. Whether the paper is likely to be of interest to a researcher or decision-makers in the antitrust field.
2. Whether the paper, after further development, is reasonably likely to be publishable by a third tier or higher academic journal.

Submission Requirements:
WPS submissions are required to:
1. Be submitted in electronic format (Word or WordPerfect, no .pdf files)
2. Include an abstract generally not exceeding six sentences, containing:
(a) The author’s e-mail address or other contact information
(b) Up to 5 keywords, to be selected from the AAI WPS list (see below)
(c) A statement that AAI Working Papers are works in progress that are intended for later revision and publication, and that Working Papers do not necessarily represent the position of the American Antitrust Institute.

Authors should look to recent AAI Working Papers for the appropriate format.

Keyword List
The abstract will be researchable by any word contained therein. Keywords will greatly contribute to the researchability of the actual papers in the WPS. As a result, authors are required to select and include with their submission up to 5 applicable keywords from the following list:

Cartel, Corporate Strategy, Criminal Antitrust , Economic Analysis, Enforcement Agencies, Exclusionary Behavior, History of Antitrust, International, Market Definition, Market Power, Merger/Joint Venture, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Politics of Antitrust, Price Discrimination, Price-fixing, Private Enforcement, Procedures, Regulated Industries, Remedies, Vertical Relations