Advisory Board

Adams Holcomb LLP
FTC: Watch
Professor of Law
American University's Washington College of Law
Law Offices of David Balto
Doyle, Barlow & Mazard PLLC
President & CEO
Computer & Communications Industry Association
President and Founder
Bloom Strategic Counsel, PLLC
Bonsignore & Brewer
International Legal Consultant
Law Foundation Professor of Law
University of Houston Law Center
Professor of Law
Wayne State University
Distinguished Professor of Law
Rutgers School of Law-Camden
Fred W & Vi Miller Chair in Law
University of Wisconsin Law School
Professor of Law
University of North Carolina Law School
Professor of Economics
University of California, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles
Associate Deputy Attorney General
Florida Attorney General's Office
Professor Emeritus
Purdue University
Constantine Cannon LLP
Assistant Attorney General, Chief, Antitrust Division
Office of the Attorney General of Maryland